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The CCIE Service Provider exam validate professionals who have the expertise to design, implement, diagnose, and troubleshoot complex Service Provider highly available network infrastructure and services based on dual stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6); understand how the network and service components interoperate; and understand the functional requirements and translate into specific device configurations.

Free test Cisco CCIE Service Provider 400-201 Exam questions and Answers

In Ethernet Aggregation applications, which option is needed when the U-PE connects to an N-PE and broadband
remote access server?
A. Ethernet Multipoint Service
B. E1
E. wire emulation
Correct Answer: D

What does UDLD stand for?
A. UniDirectional Loop Detection
B. Unspecified Distribution Label Detection
C. Unified Distribution Label Direction
D. UniDirectional Link Detection
Correct Answer: D

An ISP has hundreds of routers that run IS-IS on its network. The ISP is currently redesigning the network, to improve
performance and convergence. Which two IS-IS features meet the ISP requirements when changes happen on the
network? (Choose two.)
A. IP Event Dampening
B. Bidirectional Forwarding failure detection
C. tuning of IS-IS hello parameters
D. tuning of SPF PRC and LSP generation exponential backoff timers
E. IS-IS fast flooding of LSPs
Correct Answer: DE

Which two characteristics are benefits of MPLS LDP lossless MD5 session authentication? (Choose two.)
A. It allows for asymmetric passwords.
B. It uses the MPLS LDP targeted hello, which is authenticated, instead of the regular MPLS LDP hello, which cannot be
C. It allows you to achieve or change LDP MD5 session authentication without interrupting the LDP session.
D. It uses the MD5 method, which is a more secure authentication method than traditional MPLS LDP authentication,
which uses a cleartext method.
E. It enables authentication for UDP MPLS LDP discovery packets as well as TCP MPLS LDP label exchange
Correct Answer: AC

A service provider is offering VoIP services level agreement to customers. Which configuration provides validation that
the service level agreement has been honored?
A. ipsla 999 udp-jitter 1000 codec g729a tag VoIP-SLA ipsla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
B. ipsla 999 icmp-jitter tag VoIP-SLA ipsla schedule 999 life forerver start-time now
C. ipsla 99 icmp-jitter tos 160 ipsla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
D. ipsla 999 udp-jitter tos 160 ipsla schedule 99 life forever start-time now
E. ipsla 999 udp-jitter tos 160 ipsla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
F. ipsla 999 udp-jitter 1000 codec g729a tos 160 ipsla schedule 99 life forever stat-time now
Correct Answer: F

Which statement about provider-independent and provider-assigned address blocks is true?
A. There is no difference.
B. PI space is not globally routable and can be used as private addressing.
C. PA space is globally routable and can be obtained from IANA by all organizations.
D. PA space is assigned by the ISP and PI space is assigned by the regional registry. Both are globally routable.
E. PI and PA blocks are both assigned by the regional registry to all organizations.
Correct Answer: D

Which protocol provides an alternative to the STP, which provides a way to control network loops, handle link failures,
and improve convergence time and can coexist with STP?
B. IEEE 802.1ah
C. Flex links
Correct Answer: E

IPv6 multicast is enabled in a VPLS domain. An operations engineer must reduce the multicast flooding in this VPLS
domain. Which feature constrains IPv6 traffic at Layer 2 by configuring Layer 2 ports dynamically to forward IPv6
multicast traffic only to those ports that want to receive it?
A. IGMP snooping
B. MLD snooping
C. MLD querier
D. IGMP version 3
E. MLD version 2
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-201 exam question q9

Routers R1 and R2 have exchanged label binding information. What is preventing the labels from populating the MPLS
forwarding table?
A. MTU on the serial interface cannot accommodate labels.
B. Cisco Express Forwarding is not running.
C. The MPLS label distribution protocol is mismatched.
D. Inbound access list 100 is applied on the serial interface.
Correct Answer: B

Which two options describe how 6RD compares to automatic 6to4 tunneling? (Choose two.)
A. 6RD provides a controlled exit point from the IPv6 Internet.
B. 6RD provides a controlled entry point to the IPv6 Internet.
C. 6RD is widely available in current OS implementations.
D. Automatic 6to4 tunneling is widely available in current OS implementations.
E. Automatic 6to4 tunneling and 6RD use a well-known IPv6 prefix.
Correct Answer: BD

QUESTION 11lead4pass 400-201 exam question q11

Refer to the exhibit AS 200 uses the CSC solution provided by AS 100 with regards to the packets originated on ABC-
Site2 going toward to ABC-Site1, how many labels are in the label stack of these packets when they cross the link
between CSC-PE2 and CS-P?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: C

Which two factors are significant drivers for 5G in IoT networks? (Choose two.)
A. Programmability
B. Energy Efficiency
C. Mass Connectivity
D. Higher data rates
E. Lower Latency
Correct Answer: DE

QUESTION 13lead4pass 400-201 exam question q13

Refer to the exhibit. Which physical interface provides the clock information?
A. Gi0/4
B. Gi0/11
C. Gi0/10
D. Gi0/5
Correct Answer: C

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