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Latest Microsoft MTA 98-368 dumps, 98-368 PDF | Free Exam Practice Test

Share real and effective Microsoft MTA 98-368 exam dumps for free. 13 Online 98-368 Exam Practice test questions and answers, online 98-368 pdf download, easy to learn! Get the full 98-368 Dumps: (Total Questions: 37 Q&A) to make it easy to pass the exam!

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Exam 98-368: Mobility and Devices Fundamentals – Microsoft:

Skills measured

  • Understand device configurations (20-25%)
  • Understand data access and management (20-25%)
  • Understand device security (20-25%)
  • Understand cloud services (20-25%)
  • Understand enterprise mobility (20-25%)

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Latest effective Microsoft MTA 98-368 Exam Practice Tests

What is an example of the way in which a Trojan horse commonly spreads to other computers?
A. It inserts copies of itself into other computer programs
B. It traverses a network by exploiting a vulnerability
C. It pretends to be a document from a friend
D. It downloads from an infected web page
Correct Answer: D
Trojan horses are commonly found on websites that offer free software, such as shareware programs. These communal
gathering spots on the Web give Trojan horse writers a degree of anonymity along with the chance of attacking as
random victims as possible. Since website operators rarely have time to thoroughly examine every file posted, an
occasional Trojan horse can slip through the checking procedures unnoticed.

This question requires that you evaluate the underlined text to determine if it is correct. The “Simple Spaces” resiliency
type in Windows 8.1 Storage Spaces requires at least five drives in order to protect a system from a single-drive failure.

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