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Latest CompTIA A+ 220-902 pdf

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220-902 – CompTIA IT Certifications: https://certification.comptia.org/docs/default-source/exam-objectives/comptia-a-220-902-exam-objectives.pdf

A+ (Plus) Certification | CompTIA IT Certifications: https://certification.comptia.org/certifications/a

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  • CompTIA A+ 220-901 covers PC hardware and peripherals, mobile device hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware, and network connectivity issues.
  • CompTIA A+ 220-902 covers installing and configuring operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS X, and Linux. It also addresses security, the fundamentals of cloud computing and operational procedures.
  • CompTIA A+ 220-1001 covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing, and network troubleshooting.
  • CompTIA A+ 220-1002 covers installing and configuring operating systems, expanded security, software troubleshooting and operational procedures.

Test your CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam level

An end user needs to completely re-install Windows 7 on a home computer but it did not come with any OS discs. How
would a technician accomplish this?
A. Recovery partition
B. Primary partition
C. System restore
D. System refresh
Correct Answer: A

An administrator sets up a wireless device that they will need to manage across the Internet. Which of the following
security measures would BEST prevent unauthorized access to the device from the Internet?
A. Set the channels to wireless 802.11n only
B. Change the default username and password
C. Enable the wireless AP\\’s MAC filtering
D. Enable the wireless AP\\’s WPA2 security
Correct Answer: B

The network administrator has changed the IP address of Computer A from 192. 168. 120 to 10. 10. 1020 and now Jane
a user, is unable to connect to file shares on Computer A from Computers using the computer name.
Using the available tools, resolve the connectivity issues. When you have completed the simulation, please select the
done button to submit your answer.
Correct Answer: Please review explanation for detailed answer
Please check the below images for detailed connectivity steps to do:

lead4pass 220-902 exam question q3

lead4pass 220-902 exam question q3-1

lead4pass 220-902 exam question q3-2

lead4pass 220-902 exam question q3-3 lead4pass 220-902 exam question q3-4 lead4pass 220-902 exam question q3-5

A technician is attempting to troubleshoot a Linux home folder issue, but does not remember which directory is current.
Which of the following tools should the technician use to find the current directory?
A. dir
B. sudo
C. cd
D. pwd
Correct Answer: D

A technician is attempting to manually migrate a user\\’s profile from one Windows PC to another. Files in the user\\’s
My Documents folder cannot be copied. Some files in question have green letters in the filenames. Which of the
following file systems is causing this to occur?
A. exFAT
Correct Answer: C

A company has subscribed to a cloud service, paying monthly for a block of services and being billed incrementally
when they exceed the monthly fee. Which of the following cloud concepts does this represent?
A. Measured service
B. Rapid elasticity
C. On-demand D. Resource pooling
Correct Answer: A

The user is having trouble using the mouse. The technician believes a program stopped responding that caused the
issue and asks the customer to hold down “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to verify. Which of the following did the technician
A. Task Manager
B. Control Panel
C. Services
Correct Answer: A

A technician replaced a video card on a desktop PC. The technician powers on the PC to install the device drivers. The
PC boots up and goes through the POST, but the screen goes black when trying to boot the operating system. Which of
the following steps should the technician perform NEXT to troubleshoot this issue?
A. Flash the BIOS
B. Reseat the video card
C. Boot the PC in safe mode
D. Replace the video card with a new one
Correct Answer: C

Data on full disk encrypted drives using BitLocker is MOST secure from loss when combined with which of the following
A. USB authentication token
B. Filesystem access controls
C. Trusted platform module
D. Fingerprint reader
Correct Answer: C

A customer calls an IT consultant to explain an issue they are having with their Windows 7 Professional PC. Windows
Update attempts to install patches upon each startup but fails on the same single update. The customer has attempted
to re-run Windows Update from Control Panel but the issue remains. Which of the following courses of action would
BEST resolve the problem?
A. Running a full DEFRAG on the system
B. Clearing the AppData temp folder entirely
C. Clearing the Windows Update download cache entirely
D. Uninstalling the Windows Update feature in Windows 7 and reinstalling it directly from the Microsoft website
Correct Answer: C

An employee was arrested after it was determined that an office computer was used for illegal activity that damaged the
company. Which of the following MUST be documented on the employee\\’s computer to ensure the evidence is
admissible on court?
A. Software inventory
B. Personality identifiable information
C. Security best practices
D. Chain of custody
Correct Answer: D
Reference https://epic.org/security/computer_search_guidelines.txt

When moving files from a Microsoft gaming console, which of the following command line utilities is recommended to
transfer files?
Correct Answer: B

A company that manages its own cloud, while utilizing a third-party vendor to help manage storage, is implementing
which of the following infrastructure types?
A. Hybrid
B. Community
C. Private
D. Public
Correct Answer: A

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