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Given the set of navigation rules:lead4pass 1z0-900 exam question q1

Which two define a valid flow of view IDs through the application? (Choose two.)
A. home > goodbye > list-widgets
B. dashboard > home > add-widget > list-widgets
C. list-widgets > add-widget > home > dashboard > home
D. home > list-widgets > add-widget > goodbye
Correct Answer: CD

Your customer wants to prevent customer shipments out of a specific subventory. They are setting up a material status
to control this.
Which transaction do they need to disallow?
A. Sales Order Pick
B. Sales Order Issue
C. Ship Confirm
D. Miscellaneous Issue
E. Move Request Putaway.
Correct Answer: B

What are two outcomes when a lot expires on an item with lot control enabled?
A. It remains an inventory, but is not considered on-hand when the user is performing min-max or reorder point planning
B. It is issued out of stores.
C. It cannot be transacted.
D. It is not included in cycle counts.
E. It cannot be reserved for a date beyond the expiration date.
Correct Answer: AE

As part of implementing Oracle Cloud for your customer, you defined multiple Business Units. The customer wants you
to define an Inventory Organization that is associated with all the business units and not just one particular business
How do you achieve this?
A. Define the Inventory Organization without associating it with any location.
B. Leave the Management Business Unit field blank in the Inventory Organization definition.
C. Leave the Profit Center Business Unit field blank in the Inventory Organization definition.
D. It is not possible to define an Inventory Organization that is associated with more than one business unit.
Correct Answer: D

You face a supply request exception due to some reason. You realize that you need to make some changes to the
Manage Supply Request Exceptions page.
Which action will you perform?
A. The supply request cannot be updated. The only way is to resolve the error in the source application and resubmit
the request.
B. The supply request can be updated using a third-party application only.
C. Update the supply request and submit it. The errors will be resolved automatically.
D. Update the supply request and make sure errors are resolved before resubmitting it.
Correct Answer: A

Given the JPQL code fragment:
Select pub.title,, pub.pages FROM Publisher pub
Which two clauses do you add to this JPQL query to retrieve only those books with between 500 and 750 total pages?
(Choose two.)
A. WHERE MIN(pages) >= 500 AND MAX(pages)

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